Muguet D‘Ogive

Muguet, the French name of the lily-of-the-valley flower, signifies “the return of happiness”. Muguet D’Ogive relaxes your body and mind, allowing you to enjoy the happy pleasures of travel.
Muguet D’Ogive stress-relieving essential oils series soothingly blend different special essences. Its delicate aroma brings you to a fragrant and tranquil trip through a lovely garden, leaving the skin silky smooth. Its face cleanser and lotion consist of highly penetrating moisture retention ingredients, gently caring and protecting your skin. Its shower gel and shampoo contain rich refreshing foam, giving you an invigorating enjoyment.
Apart from aromatic personal care products, Muguet D’Ogive also offer comprehensive room amenities including shower caps, sewing kits, shaving products, oral hygiene products and shoe shine products