Our Clients

Our clients include renowned worldwide brand names such as the Mandarin Oriental in the United States, Capital Hotel Taipei, Rido Hotel, Harbour Plaza Hotels & Resorts, The Mira Hong Kong, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel, Shangri-La Kowloon, The Hong Kong Country Club, The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, The Hong Kong Club, The American Club and United Services Recreation Club , Kerry Property Management Service ltd,   Larvotto , Island Crest , The Altitude , Dragons Range,  New World Property Management Co. ltd,The Austin, The Signature, Sino Estates Management ltd., Sky Club of The Arch, The Dynasty , Royal Elite Service Co. ltd, Imperial Cullinan,  Manhatthan Hill, ARIA Club, MTR Property Management ltd., The Cullinan, Sorrento Club, The Waterfront Clubhouse.

Fully dedication to products and services of the highest quality, its Muguet D’Ogive series have been well-received and widely recognized. Over the past 20 years, we have been receiving requests each month from guests and VIPs from hotels and clubs all over the world, commending Muguet D’Ogive products, inquiring about retail sales channels, and even requesting mail purchases.

Clients’ Recognition

  • “The best we have ever used.” Freeman H. Beets (U.S.)
  • “The products are one of the best I’ve ever used, especially the moisturizing lotions. “ Shashank Shukla (Shanghai)
  • “I was most impressed with the quality of the Muguet D'Ogive collection of toiletries.” Ms Laura Chapman (Australia)
  • “Absolutely love the product.” Cath’rine Wong (Singapore)
  •  “I especially enjoyed your lotion the most. I have a wonderful fragrance which made me smell really clean after bath.” Kenneth Chu (San Diego, U.S.)
  • “My mom loves your Bath Gel and wants more.” Kevin Makra (Canada)
  • “The hair conditioner of the Muguet D’Ogive collection. Excellent!” Elena Fizzotti (Turin, Italy)
  • “I love the Conditioning Shampoo” Judith Rutherford (Australia)
  • “I have used the lotion of your product in 2 prestigious private clubs in HK and found that it worked perfectly on my Skin.” Agatha Tsui (Hong Kong)
  • “貴公司的護膚露,效果非常令人驚喜。"Vivian Li (上海)
  • “在我燙髮之後,才發現貴公司產品的獨特之處,它不但能撫平我燙髮後的毛燥,更讓波浪更明顯自然了。”林芳如 (台灣)
  • “你們家的Lotion,我超喜歡!” Denise (台灣)
  • “貴公司的護膚露產品,我很喜歡產品的香味。"江惠新(台灣)

More recognition from all around the world:

United States
Are your products available in the U.S.A.? If so, will you please send me the address and, if available, the telephone number. I am particularly interested in purchasing the shampoo and conditioner from your Muguet D’Ogive Collection.

Mrs Beets and I were introduced to your products when were guests at the Conrad Hilton Hotel in Hong Kong and consider them to be the best we have ever used.

Should there not be a source in the U.S.A., are the products available by mail from your office? Thank you for your response to my inquiry.

Freeman H. Beets

My husband fell in love with your Muguet D’Ogive moisturizing lotion through his travels to Singapore and Hong Kong. Is there any way to purchase the lotion? I was hoping to surprise him for Christmas.
Lisa Carline (U.S.)

I was recently in Philippines Davao city, my wife and my son for the Christmas and New Year Holiday. We all stayed at Marco Polo, which we enjoyed very much. I’ve notice they had all your products “Senly”, all in our room and bathrooms. I especially enjoyed your lotion the most. I have a wonderful fragrance which made me smell really clean after bath. With the weather being so humid all day in Davao city. I was never too concern about my body order, because I smell refresh and felt fresh all day long. Please tell me where I can purchase your products in the U.S.A.?

Sincerely yours, satisfied “Senly products” customer.
Kenneth Chu (San Diego, U.S.)

Are Muguet D'Ogive products available here in the USA? We enjoyed them very much at the Hong Kong Hotel on a business trip to Hong Kong.
Thank you and Best Wishes,
Charles Briggs

Hi I would like to know if you have a separate website from customer to order your products online from U.S. If not, do you sell your products in any retail stores in the U.S.A.? Please advise as I really like your shampoo and hair conditioner. Thank you for your prompt reply.
Sophia (U.S.A)

Hi, I have used your products on many occasions while in hotels that you supply and would like to congratulate you on your great products. However I have been unable to find your products anywhere, so was wondering whether I would be able to receive some free samples, mainly of the moisturising lotion since I prefer it to what I find in the stores.
Thank you

Are Muguet D'Ogive products available here in the USA? We enjoyed them very much at the Hong Kong Hotel on a business trip to Hong Kong.
Thank you and Best Wishes,
Charles Briggs
January 10, 2011

Can I order your moisturizer, even though I live in New York City?
Barbara Weiss

Approximately one year ago, my husband and I spent several days in Hong Kong at one of Marco Polo Hotel. While there I used the small bottles of Muguet D’Ogive Conditioning Shampoo provided by the hotel. Is this wonderful shampoo available in the United States? If so, please advise where I may purchase it….
Vicki Obadiah (Huston, Texas)

I have had the pleasure to visit China in the past year and stay at the Miramar Hotel in Hong Kong. In the rooms they supplied Muguet D’Ogive Moisturizing Lotion which I really like. I am writing to inquire as to how I can purchase this. I live in the United States. Could you please response with the necessary information to purchase this product? Thank you very much!
GDMHHOME (United States)

Good morning Sales Department,

I had the pleasure of knowing your products, when I stayed at the Kowloon Hotel many times in Tsim Sha Tsui!

Please advise the following information:-
1)  I am wondering if your company is able to imprint customer's logo onto your products?
2)  What is the minimum order quantity each product? 
3)  Does your company pack the toiletries into gift boxes or baskets? 
4)  Are your products made in Hong Kong?

I look forward to your reply. Thank you very much and have a nice day,
Juliet Lo
March 17, 2015 Back to top
Can you tell me if your products, specifically your Bath Gel is available in Canada or the U.S. anywhere? I live in Canada and recently brought back some Bath Gel for my Mom. She loves it and wants more, but I do not know where to find.
Kevin Makra (Canada)

Is it possible to buy any of your wonderful skin and body lotions over the counter in the US or Canada? I love the moisturizing lotions and would like to purchase this item especially. Can I order on-line? If it available in South Korea, I would order from there is possible. Thank you.
Joanna Taylor
2006/3/27 Back to top
When we stayed in China earlier this year we came across your company, as you supple one of the hotels in which we stayed. We particularly like the bath gel in the Muguet D’Ogive range.
We have tried to find back in England but without success. Is it possible for us to buy your product here?
Pam Holden (England)

Can you please inform me if I can purchase your moisturizing lotion in the U.K.?
D. Bridges

I am an individual who has been purchasing your products for many years.
I will be coming to HK in early Jan and would like to purchase a few bottles of Moisturizing Lotion 400ml
Hoping to hear from you
Farida Khambata
2010 /12/16

I used some of your products while staying in Singapore, and would really love to know if you have stockiest in England.
Mrs Gwen Hall
2010/1/20 Back to top
My husband was in Singapore and brought me home one of your products: the hair conditioner of the Muguet D’Ogive collection. Excellent!
I would know if it is possible to buy the product as a private person.
Elena Fizzotti (Turin, Italy)
2003/8/22 Back to top
Good afternoon! When I stayed at The Langham Kowloon Hotel, I was most impressed with the quality of the Muguet D'Ogive collection of toiletries the bathroom was stocked with.
As such, I would like to find out where I can purchase your wonderful products here, in Australia. Could you therefore please give me the name of a stockist/their address so I could get in touch with them? That would be most appreciated.
Ms Laura Chapman

While I was staying at the Kimberley Hotel Kowloon recently, I was using your Muguet D’ogvie Moisturising Lotion which was provided in the room. It was so successful on my skin plus it provides a beautiful perfume. Could you please advise where I could purchase this product in Australia?
Lelley Hunte (BRISBANE)

I’ve had the pleasure of using your Muguet D’Ogive products when I stayed in the Conrad Hotel in Hong Kong. Are your products available for retail in Hong Kong? I’d like to know if I can buy them the next time I’m in Hong Kong.
Furthermore, I would like to buy about 50 sets of your travel kit as I intent to use them as giveaways of my forthcoming birthday. Can you give me a price quote on that?
Sienna A. Gooco

I was introduced to your Muguet D’Ogive “Conditioning Shampoo when I was staying at the Kowloon Hotel in Hong Kong – your products was provided in the bathroom.
I love the conditioning Shampoo – can I purchase this in Sydney, Australia?
Many thanks
Judith Rutherford (Australia)
7 Jan 2011

I was introduced to your Muguet D’Ogive “Conditioning Shampoo” when I was staying at the Kowloon Hotel in Hongkong  – your products were provided in the bathroom. I love the Conditioning Shampoo – can I purchase this is Sydney, Australia?
Many thanks
Judith Rutherford

Hello, I live in Sydney, Australia, and would like to buy this product. Can I buy it in Sydney? If it is not available for sale in Sydney, can I buy from you in HK or Singapore with a telephone order?
Claire Pisani (Australia)

We are in Hong Kong at the moment and I wonder is there an outlet where I can purchase your products in a retail way? Used them in the hotel and like them. Thanks.
Jenny Honey from Victoria Australia

I am interested to know if I would be able to buy your products in Australia? Could you tell me if you have an outlet here or if I were to order them from your directly, what would be the cost?
I am interested in the travel kits in particular; however, I would appreciate if you could provide me with a comprehensive price list and your terms and condition for purchase.
I hope to her from you soon.
Your sincerely
Bhavana Shukla

Recently stayed at the Conrad in Hong Kong and used the Muguet D’Ogive shampoo. I would like to purchase this item in Sydney. Can you advise retailer or distributor details?
Tony Kelly
2005/2/10 Back to top
I was quite impressed by your product Muguet D’Ogive moisturizing lotion I was provided during my stay at the Miramar Hotel, Kowloon Hong Kong. Like many of your others clients, I made an inquiry at the hotel reception whether it was available in Hong Kong market, and if so, where I could get it. I would very much like you to start selling your products at the market in Hong Kong, hopefully in Japan, or at least through Internet.
I personally think that your products will be accepted in the Japanese market as well if the prices are reasonable. There are lots of foreign firms of your business area doing well in Japan, such as Body Shop, franc france, etc.
I am looking forward to finding your products at stores in Japan near in the furture.
Kazue Yanagi (Osaka, Japan)

Hello, I am Kai from Japan. This is the first time for me to write regarding your products, Muguet D’Ogive. Lately I’ve been looking for the Muguet D’Ogive shower gel and bath gel in Japan and Indonesia, but I couldn’t find. Would you please let me know how I can purchase? I look forward to receiving your reply.
Hiromi Kai

Hello Senly sales person, I want to check where I can buy your products? 
Rgds, Toto.
14/10/2013 Back to top
South Korea
During my stay at Conrad Hong Kong for past many years, I’ve enjoyed to use your product especially “Bath Gel”. Now I want to buy it personally. Is it possible to buy? Also, I’m based in Korea and want to know if you can DHL me.
JG Wee

I have used your premium Muguet D’Ogive collection during my stay in hotels in Singapore and China. How can I buy them as an individual user in the open market?
Kenji Soon
2004/7/22 Back to top
Hi Senly,
I currently came across Muguet D’Ogive collection moisturizing lotion in HK and I really love this product. I would like to know if we can buy this product in Singapore. Hope to hear from you soon.
Ms Xuejun (Singapore)

I would like to check very briefly if your Muguet D'Ogive Collection products are available in Singapore, or how can I purchase if I am interested. Can I do online overseas purchase if it's not available in Singapore? Thank you
Tammie Teo

Hi, I am interested to purchase some Muguet D'ogive Shampoo and Bath Gel for my family. However, I live in Singapore and was wondering whether it is possible to have it sent internationally. Please advise. 
*I am interested in buying the bigger bottles - if you have any. 

Dear Sir/Madam, I am interested in buying Muguet D'ogive Moisturising Lotion for my own use and would like to know.
1. What are the size (ml per bottle) available and their selling price?
2. Where can I purchase the product in Singapore or Hong Kong (since I do plan to visit Hong Kong next month (Nov 2012)?
I do hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you and best regards,

您好!我們是一家新加坡公司,專營酒店用品。請問貴司的Muguet D’ogvie沐浴液、洗髪液、護髪素產品在新加坡有總代理商嗎?請速回覆,謝謝!
Fred Kuah (Lee Huat Hong Int’l)

I am please with your product especially the moisturizing lotion and bath Gel from your Muguet D’Ogive Collection. Therefore, I would like to purchase them. Are your products available in Singapore? If so, can I have the address and contact number?

Hi. I happened to chance upon the Senly’s Muguet D’Ogvie Moisturizing Lotion when I visited Hong Kong recently and love it very much.
May I know if this products is available in Singapore for sale, and if yes, where.
Joyce (Singapore)

I am writing from Singapore. I stayed in Kimberley Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui HK during my recent trip and discover that the Muguet D’Ogive moisturizing lotion given was a good lotion. It is not greasy and my skin was remaining moist after a while. Please let me know where I can purchase it.
Irene Neo

I was in Hong Kong just a few weeks ago, in my hotel they provided your products Muguet D’Ogive and I loved your product very much. Back in Singapore, I could not find your product, please can you advise ma how to buy your product?
See Poh Choo.

I have Muguet D’Ogive range of Shampoo + Conditioner during my stay in Treetop Residence and absolutely love the product. Can you please tell me where I can buy this product in Singapore and do you sell it in big sizes?
Cath’rine wong
2004/1/8 Back to top
I have used your product in quite a few hotels and I fell in love with your product. I will be making a trip to Hong Kong and I was wondering if I could purchase your product from anywhere in Hong Kong. Ms Tang (Malaysia)
2009/2/2 Back to top
Has Senly product already distributed to Indonesia Jakarta? Let me know if I can buy Senly product in Jakarta.
Dwi (Indonesia)
2004/8/6 Back to top
Good day! I have tried subject shampoo during my stay in Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City and I found it very effective in cleaning my hair. Is it available here in our local market or in Davao City, Phils.? Can we order in small quantity? Prescillano M. Padilla 2006/2/15 Back to top
I have been using your products since 5-6 years whilst in my stays in Conrad and Marco Polo Hotels/HK. I don’t think there is no need to mention you how much I like your products:-). My problem is I do not have Far East trips in these years and I am quite missing to use your products. I’ll been very much pleased, if you can advise me is there any change to find your products in Turkey? If not, please also advice me that how can I purchase your products.
Cigdem Broad (Turkey)
2004/11/18 Back to top
West Africa
Dear General Manager, With all respect you deserve, I would like to record my esteem and admire to your company and to your various products and collects.

A couple of months ago I was staying in an hotel in Taipei/ Taiwan called RHIDO HOTEL. There I came across you Muguet D’Ogive collection, I admired it so much, and even I took one or two bottles from the Hotel in my way back to home!

Now I wrote to you here to make a proposition and I wish that the company study it and see what it can do about it: I can promote SENLY PRODUCTS in my country and in all West Africa if you agree, I know this region very well, this a good and easy area, I can manage this sort of business very well. I work now as vice manager in a local company, I don’t have money but if being your Sole Agent in this area requires some little investment at the beginning, I will try to find a way to get that. I attached my photos with your lotion bottle samples; and assure you that all people who knew it here admired it too much. Waiting your reply with too much interest.

Faithfully Yours
27/11/2013 Back to top
Hii...I stayed in Pousada- De Mong Ha, Macau from 15 June 2007 to 1 july 2007. I used your products during my stay at the hotel Fantastic products... especially the body lotion…and the nail care kit sooo useful.
Thanks…a ton n keep up the gud work…

Jyoti Kiran (India)
2007/10/18 Back to top
We are a tourist camp in Ulaanbaata, Mongolia. We are interested in buying form you the following: moisturizing lotion, shampoo, paper box, shower cap, shaving kit and round soap. Please let us know how many are in one caron and what is your sales conditions?
Mandah G. Karlsen
2005/7/2 Back to top
Mainland China
I have been using Senly products in a Top Hotel at Singapore. The products are one of the best I’ve ever used, especially the moisturizing lotions.
Could I buy the Muguet D’Olive collection products somewhere in Shanghai? Is there any registered outlet in Shanghai?
Shashank Shukla

我上次去香港開會,住在香格里柆飯店,使用了貴公司的Muguet D’Ogive conditioning shampoo,深感滿意,不知在上海何處可購得貴公司的產品?謝謝! 

本人在澳門聖地牙哥古堡酒店享用過貴公司的品牌系列中的Muguet D’ogvie Collection,我非常喜愛貴公司的產品請問我可以在什麼地方能夠買到Muguet D’ogvie Collection,在此多謝貴公司盼望能幫助到我。



您好!我是一名上海的顧客,在入住香港Rosedale Hotel時,嘗試使用了貴公司的護膚露,效果非常令人驚喜。請問該產品在上海有零售嗎?
上海Vivian Li

您好!本人對Muguet D’ogvie Lotion感興趣,可否大家約個時間見面,貴公司可以在深圳交貨嗎?

8/11/2013 Back to top
Hong Kong
I have used the lotion of your product in 2 prestigious private clubs in HK and found that it worked perfectly on my Skin. Therefore I would like to know whether your product can be purchased in local store.
Agatha Tsui

I have used your moisturizing lotion during my last stay in San Diaego Hotel in Macau. I am very impressed at the moisturizing lotion. I am writing to check the price for this product and could I purchase it from your office.

Hi, I have been using the above shower gel & the body lotion provided at the Conrad Hotel Hong Kong, just wondering if I can find this product in the market in HK. If yes, please advise the name & address of the store that I can find the product, thanks.
20/1/2012 Back to top
想問問貴公司的「Muguet D'Ogive潤膚露」有其他容量嗎? 可獨立發售嗎?價錢如何?

Alice fr Macau
Back to top
您好,去年我在台北市的來來飯店住宿的期間,接觸到貴公司的產品。當初不覺得特別,所以便沒有添購。但在我燙髮之後,才發現貴公司產品的獨特之處,它不但能撫平我燙髮後的毛燥,更讓波浪更明顯自然了。何惜我住台中,若要為了幾罐洗髮精跑台北市,似乎太誇張,尤其是現在北市的SARS正流行….所以,我想請教一下:台中市是否有您的零售處?我想買貴公司的Muguet D’ogvie Collection,希望能得到您的回應,謝謝,感激不盡!




Hello~我是台灣的客人,因緣際會下使用到你們家MUGUET D' OGIVE的產品,我很喜歡^___^

I tried your products (shampoo and hair conditioner) at a hotel in Taiwan and loved it. Through your website, I gather that your company provide your service mainly to hotels, but I was wondering if it is possible to buy some of your products at a retailer dealer in Taiwan or through the Internet?  
May Liao

您好,先前在Hotel使用過 貴公司的Muguet D'Ogive" (法國美雪)潤膚露,想在臺灣購買零售包裝供自己使用,請問有何方式可供選購呢?
B19800220 (臺灣)








你好:我於去年至香港旅遊時,在飯店使用到 貴公司的護膚露產品,我很喜歡該產品的香味,但當時未即時向飯店的櫃台詢問購買,請請問台灣是否可以買到 貴公司的護膚露產品?又或者可以從網路訂購嗎?我的位買是在台灣的台北。謝謝!






I was in Taiwan when I got a chance to use your product in one of the hotel I stayed. I really like it and would like to find out how I can buy your products for personal use.
Lay Kheng
2009/11/1 Back to top